12 Fun and Cheap Things to do in Seattle

I do have to be honest, Seattle has a reputation as being expensive, and while this is true of a lot of things, there are still plenty of fun and cheap things to do in Seattle.

Everything on this lovely list is under $10, ensuring your money is spent well! This is always my goal when visiting a city – to find what I can do without breaking the bank as they say. The best things don’t have to be expensive. I’m glad there are some awesome options for cheap things to do in Seattle.

I absolutely loved visiting Seattle for a weekend and it was the perfect spot to visit in the summer. Since my first visit, I’ve been able to return to the PNW and head to the San Juan Islands and Snoqualmie Pass. It’s always beautiful in the summer and well worth a visit!

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Special thanks to Visit Seattle and cityPASS for the support on this trip. As always, all thoughts are my own.

1. Starbucks Reserve about $8

Seattle is the original home of Starbucks. You can’t visit Seattle and not go to all the famous Starbucks locations… Yes, there is the original Starbucks next to Pike Place Market (you can make a visit here for cheap too!), but I loved Starbucks Reserve. It’s a truly unique coffee experience with drinks, roasts, pastries, and coffee supplies you can’t get anywhere else. We loved sitting at the bar enjoying a drink and sampling some rare coffees!

2. Take in the views free

There are a ton of parks with great views of Seattle. Each offer a different view of the city and are worth visiting. Here are my favorites below:

    1. Kerry Park
    2. Gas Works Park
    3. Water Tower

3. Visit the Freemont Troll  free

If you love fairy tales, then this stop is a must! The “troll” that lives under the Aurora Bridge inspired the author of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The troll has been sighted for over a hundred years and now there’s a statue you can go and see to commemorate this famous spot. A good urban legend is always fun to take part in.

4. Ride a Bike less than $10, depends on ride length

There are Lime and Jump bikes all over the city! Seattle is rarely too hot in summer to enjoy some time seeing the city on bike, but you may encounter rain. Hop on and explore the city and keep your plans flexible in case of the rain.

Wearing Taos Shoes at the Seattle Center.

5. Walk Seattle Center free

This area of downtown originated from the 1962 World’s Fair, and it’s still fun to walk around to this day. Here, you’ll find the Space Needle and multiple museums (like Chihuly Gardens and Glass, Seattle Science Center, Museum of Pop Culture, and more). There are also multiple parks, statues, and street performers to check out while walking around the large park.

If you want to visit museums or the Space Needle, you’ll be paying about $30 for each (depending on the attraction) so plan accordingly if you want to visit any museums or the Space Needle. We used the CityPASS for discounts on all the attractions in Seattle Center.

6. Visit a Brewery (or two) $2-$5 per taster

Seattle is home to so many different breweries! One thing we love doing on a trip is checking out the local beer. Visiting a brewery is always a chill experience. Our favorite was Elysian in Capitol Hill. We also visited Optimism Brewery, Fremont Brewing Company (great outdoor space and right by Gas Works Park), and Seattle Beer Company (technically not a brewery, but they have tons of local and really good beers!).

7. Take a Water Taxi $5.75

While you should definitely take a tour of the harbor if you can, the water taxi in Seattle does offer some great views of the city and take you to nearby islands or other parts of Seattle. Make sure you check their website for the latest departures as sometimes there are unexpected delays or changes. Advanced sale tickets are also not guaranteed so consider this before purchasing!

8. Pike Place Market free

You can’t visit Seattle and not go to Pike Place Market! We had so much fun walking around and taking it all in. The famous fish throwing takes place at the Pike Place Fish Market, and it’s definitely fun to see this tradition happening.

Fun fact: the fish-throwing actually started as a joke, but people loved it so much they’ve kept it going!

You’ll also find the famous Gum Wall right next to the market, and while it’s a little gross, it is definitely unique and worth the stop!

9. Murals and Doughnuts in Capitol Hill $7

Capitol Hill is probably my favorite neighborhood in Seattle. There are so many cool spots to eat, drink, and hang out. There are tons of awesome murals and probably the best doughnut I’ve ever had. Where you ask? General Porpoises Doughnuts. I will never get over how their cream filling wasn’t overly sweet and super smooth and light. Seriously!!! Grab a coffee and enjoy a doughnut while you walk the artsy and cute Capitol Hill.

10. Sushi Happy Hour at Japonessa less than $10

Right near Pike’s Place Market, you’ll find an awesome sushi spot that has great happy hour specials. We stopped in for a few rolls and our whole bill was $15! You can grab a roll though for less than $6 (depending on the kind you get). Definitely, an awesome choice when downtown.

11. Visit the Frye Art Museum free

This museum is founded by the famous Frye Family (anyone own Frye boots?!). The museum is always free as well as parking. While there you’ll find a large variety of art with a founding collection of mostly European classical art.

12. Grab Ginger Beer from Rachel’s Ginger Beer $5-$8

If you’re love ginger beer as much as I do, then you’ll love RGB. They have different flavors of ginger beer and they are so good. During happy hour (3-6) you can grab a Moscow mule for just $8, and if you want a non-alcoholic one, you can grab a delicious drink there as well.

Discover affordable and exciting things to do in Seattle. Experience the city's charm without overspending.
Discover affordable and exciting things to do in Seattle. Experience the city’s charm without overspending.

Now you know some awesome, fun, and cheap things to do in Seattle on your next trip! I know you’ll love it just like I did with all the exciting things to do while there.


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