A Stay at Hotel Villa Cofresi Rincon, Puerto Rico

Where should you stay in Rincon? Hotel Villa Cofresi is my favorite place to stay while in Rincon and will be yours too! I’ve stayed there twice now and I love it a lot!

This September I took a short 3 day trip to Puerto Rico. It was my second time on the island and I knew I wanted to see more of the island beyond San Juan. So I started looking into different parts of Puerto Rico from San Juan and Rincon repeatedly came up as an awesome spot for beaches and sunsets. I knew I had to visit!

I was very lucky to find Hotel Villa Cofresi Rincon, Puerto Rico, and had a wonderful stay there that I can’t wait to share with you. I actually have gone back to Hotel Villa Cofresi, that’s how much I enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: Villa Cofresi was kind enough to host my stay in exchange for photos and a review. As always, all thoughts are my own.

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The Location

For me, Rincon lives up to its reputation of amazing sunset and beaches. It’s a beachgoer’s paradise with spots for snorkeling, surfing, and relaxing beachside. Hotel Villa Cofresi Rincon has got the best spot to watch the sunset along the deck and you can easily see why it’s been in business for over 50 years.

The hotel is a beachfront property and has its own private beach area with chairs, umbrellas, and towels readily available. The hotel also works with local tour operators to provide snorkeling, kayaking, catamaran tours, and more for a reasonable price if you’re looking to explore Rincon more.

Getting to Rincon is an easy drive from San Juan. It’s about two hours away by car and with car rentals for just $15 a day, you’ve got no excuse but to drive the beautiful island to get away from the city.

It’s is located in the city and walkable to nearby restaurants and bars. My favorite find was this GastroPark that featured lots of local food trucks and drinks just two blocks away.

A few more of the sunset below because I honestly could not get enough!

The Security

When you arrive at the hotel there is a gated entry with a concierge to help facilitate check-in and parking. They have a list of guests and will let you know where to park.

Once you check-in, you’ll receive a wrist band with the hotel on it letting them know you are a guest. They have a large staff including security, lifeguards, wait staff, and concierge. You’ll feel safe and secure staying here!

The Facilities

As mentioned, my favorite amenities were the private beach area and the pool. Both have lounge chairs, umbrellas, and towels included for guests. There is also a lifeguard and kiddy pool in the pool area making it a safe and relaxing place for the whole family. They’ve also got outdoor showers for washing off after the beach or before the pool which comes in handy! Who wants to track sand into their hotel room?!

There are lots of options to get away from the main beach and bar area which gets crowded. There is an upstairs deck with seating as well and a side courtyard near the beach. These spots would come in handy if you are looking to get away and have a romantic moment watching the sunset. It also came in handy for me wanting to get some work done while I was on my own!

Another amenity you shouldn’t miss is getting a large private balcony. Many of the rooms have a balcony that overlooks the ocean. It’s a pretty perfect way to relax.

There’s also a gym, places to shower off after the beach, chairs and umbrellas on the beach, venues for weddings, and other services available through the front desk. Make sure to ask them for all your extra needs. They are very helpful and accommodating!

The Entertainment

For the kids (okay and maybe adults), they have a full arcade with lots of different games, ping pong, and foosball ready to be played. They have activities like Zumba classes, salsa lessons, and yoga classes every weekend that are also included for guests. Along with these workout options, there is a gym located on the second floor.

For the adults, you’ve got a large beach bar over looking the ocean which is perfect for sunset. They have live music quite often that goes on in the evening making it a great spot to relax and watch the sunset.

While at the bar, you’ve got to try the Pirate’s Special! It’s a rum drink served in a coconut with some cinnamon flavor that is just delicious. I was so happy sipping and watching the sunset at this spot. While the music plays, people often dance, lounge in comfortable chairs, or play games near by. It’s a great spot to spend an evening.

The Rooms

I was so impressed with the rooms at the hotel! After the hurricane this past year, the hotel did a major renovation. The updated rooms have all touch lights, fun colors and are just huge. My room and bathroom had more than enough space for four people to spread out and relax with everything you packed.

The bed was comfortable and my room stayed really cool throughout the day and evening. This is important after being in the sun all day. The rooms also have a safe for you to use and extra seating. The balcony also served as a second entrance with a gate and lock on the door for easy entry beachside.

The Food

There are two restaurants at Hotel Villa Cofresi Rincon. There is a beach bar and a formal restaurant. While I was there, the restaurant was being used for a wedding – talk about the perfect spot! It’s a formal setting with many menu options. The full restaurant menu was being served outside as well as the bar menu since the restaurant itself was being used.

I chose to eat and drink at the bar since I was solo and had some delicious fish tacos with plantain fritters. I cannot get enough of plantains! They are definitely worth ordering. Delicious food and drinks can be found at Villa Cofresi!

The Staff

I had nothing but great interactions with the staff. Everyone was so kind and helpful my entire stay. At one point, I decided to move from the bar to the deck to watch sunset. The bartender came out from behind the bar and helped me carry my drinks (yes multiple drinks…) with me to the deck so I could watch the sunset. It was so kind! The lifeguard was also the kindest man who told me all about the history of the hotel. He had a smile on his face the whole time I was at the pool.

I also met regular guests of the hotel and locals who had nothing but wonderful things to say about the owners and staff. I learned something very special about this hotel that made me fall in love with it even more. It’s locally owned by a couple who have been running it since the 1960s.

They are a big part of the community and after Hurricane Maria opened their hotel as a station for the Red Cross to help rebuild Puerto Rico. The guests I spoke to gushed about the owners and how wonderful of people they are. It made me even more excited about my stay and so happy to write about it and share it with all of you.

Discover the perfect place to stay in Rincon: Hotel Villa Cofresi. Enjoy beaches, sunsets, and a wonderful experience at this top-rated hotel.
Discover the perfect place to stay in Rincon: Hotel Villa Cofresi. Enjoy beaches, sunsets, and a wonderful experience at this top-rated hotel.

Puerto Rico is my favorite Caribbean island and this is honestly one of the best hotels I think you can stay at on your trip! Now it’s your turn. Ready to book your affordable and amazing getaway at Hotel Villa Cofresi Rincon? Check the hotel’s website for the best rates and deals!


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