A Stay at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort Livingstone

When I started researching different places to stay in Livingstone, I wasn’t sure where to go. There are so many options, but it is hard to know what a place will really be like and which ones were safe. Thankfully, my cousin was familiar with the area (she lives in Lusaka) and said we had to stay at her favorite hotel in Livingstone—the Avani Victoria Falls Resort Livingstone.

Zambia has a special place in my heart for so many different reasons. I think the people there are wonderful, I sponsor a child who goes to school there, and it’s where I went on my first safari!

I honestly just loved this resort. It’s incredibly unique, and a gorgeous place worth staying at. It is a bit of a splurge (and luckily, my cousin got us a local rate), but it was totally worth it! There are few things about splurging that make it just perfect sometimes, and this hotel definitely was. Their rooms average at $250 (US dollars) a night, but with all it has to offer, it’s money well spent.

Plus if you think about it, splitting that price with two to four people is not a huge splurge, and you get access to some fantastic stuff! If you are looking for a hotel or resort near Victoria Falls, then the Avani will not disappoint.

Disclaimer: The Avani Victoria Falls Resort Livingstone was kind enough to give me use of their photos; photo rights belong to Minor Hotels. While not a sponsored post, this does contain affiliate links, so if you make a purchase, I get a small commission.


The Location


You could not ask for a better location. Seriously, this was my favorite part of staying at this resort! The Avani Victoria Falls Livingstone is located on the Zambia side of Victoria Falls and is just a 5-minute walk to the falls.

Getting there is a short taxi ride. The hotel arranges for pick-up and drop-off for $30 each. A taxi from the airport was only $20 and just a 20-minute car ride away. The airport was very familiar with the hotel and pointed us in the right direction of someone who could help us get there. We ended up getting a taxi to the hotel, which was very easy.



The best thing about the location was it’s proximity to nature and wildlife. Avani Victoria Falls is located in a nature preserve. There are giraffes, monkeys, zebras, crocodiles, birds, and antelope, all living on the grounds. We got to lounge by the pool with zebras! How cool is that?!

Plus, It is right across the street from Victoria Falls. It was a 5-minute walk, and we were looking at the falls. They also include unlimited entry into Victoria Falls—a huge plus! It’s $20 each time you enter, so this makes it way easier. You just flash your ticket from the Avani and get entry into the falls across the street from the hotel. It is so simple and flawless. Markets, museums, and food are also located right outside the hotel and easily accessible on foot.



It is also located right next to the Royal Livingstone Hotel, and you can walk from one hotel to the other. The Royal Livingstone is a beautiful place to watch the sunset and also has a great restaurant. The hotel is also where our excursion for the edge of Victoria Falls left. It is a really nice hotel as well.


The Security

With the animals, guests, and proximity to the falls, safety is taken very seriously at the hotel. There are guards all around the hotel to make sure that guests interact safely with animals. The entrance to the hotel is also gated, as well as the entrance near Victoria Falls. Each room has a safe and multiple locks on doors. This is especially important because of the monkeys! They know how to open doors, so you have to make sure things stay locked.

I wrote a whole post on tips for traveling in Zambia. If you want to know more about safety for when you’re traveling, check it out!



The Facilities and Entertainment

There is a gorgeous pool right in the center of the Avani. Even though we were there in the winter (July), it was still warm enough to enjoy a drink and lounge by the pool. There were also many shops located in the hotel grounds where you can buy art and local crafts. 

They were much more expensive than the local market but definitely higher quality. An ATM and concierge are located at the hotel as well. The concierge booked our excursion to Angel’s Pool for us, which made things really simple.

Each night the hotel had different entertainment. There is a “village” located inside the hotel grounds where they do shows and buffets. There is also daily entertainment at the front of the hotel as well as a band that plays in the evening next to the pool. It was very relaxing and helped us learn even more about the culture of Zambia.


There is also a spa, a children’s zone, and wildlife viewing areas. They offer private meals and many romantic add-ons. I did not experience these but am sure they are also fantastic.


The Rooms

I loved the theme of the rooms and found mine to be very comfortable. The rooms all have a sitting area where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and possibly see some wildlife! Rooms have televisions, a safe, and WiFi, which is great. The bathroom was my favorite part—it was huge and had two giant mirrors. The bathtub was so lovely, and I loved relaxing in our room at the end of a long day.

The Food

Breakfast is included with most stays (check at your booking). Lunches and dinners must be purchased as add ons. The breakfast was amazing! The buffet was delicious and included made-to-order omlettes, tons of options for fruits, veggies, and meats. Watch out for monkeys because they love to steal waffles and other foods if you leave your table unattended! There are signs posted around the dining room as a warning.


Dinners were served in the main restaurant and at the bar near the pool. I was a little disappointed one evening when they refused to serve us by the pool because they wanted us to eat in the restaurant despite saying they would be open by the pool for dinner.


However, we were able to talk to a manager who served us from the poolside menu in the main restaurant instead. They were accommodating after the mix-up, and we enjoyed our dinner. They also have room service with lots of delicious food you can order from. We ordered room service our first night, and I was sleepy after all the greasy, delicious food.


The Staff

I had nothing but pleasant interactions with the staff. Everyone was so kind and helpful the entire time we were at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort Livingstone. We especially loved the security guards located near our room and at the exit and entrance to the falls. They were always so cheerful and helpful.


To book a stay, you can head over to Booking.com where you will find the best deals and rates! Adventure awaits

Where should you stay when visiting Victoria Falls? The Avani Victoria Falls Resort is the perfect spot to stay.
Where should you stay when visiting Victoria Falls? The Avani Victoria Falls Resort is the perfect spot to stay.

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