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If you’re in Rome, visiting the Colosseum is a must. Not only is it a huge and famous structure in Rome, but it also has a ton of history and importance to the people there. Even to this day they say, “Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.”

I was so excited when I found out I could visit the inside of the Colosseum with Walks because they do some of the best Colosseum tours in Rome. It’s true! I’ve been on two of their tours now and absolutely love their small group model, informative guides, and skip the line special access.

On my first visit to Rome, we had an option to stay a day in Rome or go to Pompeii; we chose Pompeii (highly recommend it too!), but that meant not going in the Colosseum. This trip I was determined to go into the Colosseum and really learn about the history.

So I decided to go on their tour of the Colosseum in the morning to see not only the Colosseum, but Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum as well. They offer multiple tours of the Colosseum with VIP access to areas of the Colosseum not open to the public in the afternoon.

I wish I had time in the afternoon to go on one of those tours as well, luckily when I came back this fall I had more time and spent two days in Rome with them. Seriously, check them out too!

I hope after reading this post, you’ll consider visiting the inside of the Colosseum with Walks. I had the best time and really enjoyed going on this tour with them. They truly have the best Colosseum tours. It includes everything you’d want to see right near the Colosseum and is a very fair price for everything included.

Special thank you to Walks for providing me this tour in exchange for a review. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Doing a tour in this area is basically a must. It’s one of those spots with tons of ruins and you could just walk by and completely miss what is there. This actually happened to me twice around the Colosseum before this tour. I literally walked past some ruins and was like, “Huh… I wonder what that was for.”

There are few signs to explain things, and waiting in lines could take you hours. Plus, you’ll still end up paying for the tickets and audio guide if you want to learn any information. The tour with Walks solved all of those problems for just $65 US dollars.

After meeting up with your tour outside the Colosseum at a cafe, you get right into it. You meet with a small group of no more than twelve and head straight into the Colosseum. This is where the first perk (and one of my favorites) of the tour is – no lines!

We saw people waiting in the hot sun, only getting in a few at a time while our small group tour walked right in. This is a huge perk for me! When I’m traveling, I don’t like having to waste time getting from one place to another or waiting in lines. Time is precious!

I would also have loved to stay in a hotel with a view of the Colosseum near here on my trip. There are so many gorgeous places to stay!

While inside, you’ll learn all about the history of Rome from before the Colosseum was built to how the Colosseum was used all the way up to today. Our guide also brought along an iPad and photo book to help explain and show us what she was talking about even more. I really appreciated learning all about the different stages in history.

It was about the Colosseum but it also helped me learn about the Ancient Romans as well. Having a small group also meant we were able to stop easily for pictures in less crowded spots and get awesome shots!

Our guide was really knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions we brought to her. She was also really great at the end of the tour giving everyone directions and explaining other great things to do while in Rome. This is such an important quality in a guide because you’ll almost always find the best spots with the expertise of a local.

From the Colosseum, you continue on to Palatine Hill. Palatine Hill was the most important hill of the seven in Rome during Roman times and was where the aristocrats lived. This is another spot I had missed on my last trip to Rome and was excited to see because of its importance. We walked through and learned all about the history of the city and how it changed through time.

On this part of the tour, we also got to see some incredible views of the Roman Forum. I was seriously impressed with where we went on this tour!

The last stop was the Roman Forum. I had been to the Roman Forum on my last visit but it was a great way to end the tour. We walked through and heard about the importance of each spot. The tour ended in the Forum, which meant you could continue to walk around and enjoy it on your own even after it was over. I really liked that this was an option because I wasn’t ready to leave when the tour was over!

If you’re in Rome, you’ve got to go on the best Colosseum tours in Rome with Walks. They are definitely an affordable and fun option for a small group tour with lots to see and do! Don’t miss out while in Rome!

Discover the best Colosseum tours in Rome with Walks. With small group sizes, informative guides, and skip-the-line access, experience the Colosseum like never before.
Discover the best Colosseum tours in Rome with Walks. With small group sizes, informative guides, and skip-the-line access, experience the Colosseum like never before.

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