Best Travel Gifts for Her (from a Frequent Traveler)

Seriously, what do you get someone who is always on the go? Whether traveling for work or fun… Never fear, this list is for you! Many of these things on the list are gifts I’ve gotten from others and love, or that I’ve gotten myself or others and really enjoy – yes I’m sure these are the best travel gifts for her.

I know you have a friend or family member who loves to travel—we all do! Sometimes, it’s hard to think of what to get these friends because there are so many options.

So have some fun and buy something your travelling friend will actually use! Oh and did I mention almost everything on this list is less than $50? This makes gift giving to lots of people easier. Or get them a few things on the list and be the best friend, boyfriend, fiance, husband, wife, the list goes on… ever.

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For the Outdoorsy Gal

1. Travel Day Pack from REI – $21

I have had this bag ever since I spent two weeks in Peru. It’s seriously so handy because it folds up into a tiny bag and is the perfect size for day trips! Couldn’t recommend it more.

2. Hardware Survival Kit – $18

This kit includes all your tools you need while backpacking or hiking. I have one that’s really similar to this and I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy! I highly recommend carrying one with you if you love the outdoors.

3. Hydro Flask – $25 – $50

I got a Hydroflask from my friend last year for Christmas (thanks Elizabeth!) and I seriously love it. Not only is it great for hiking, but for the day-to-day. If you travel, you can end up spending so much on water bottles and honestly the Hydro Flask is the best on the market! It keeps my drinks cold or hot literally the entire day.

4. Dry Bags – $12 – $25

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had these! Seriously they come in handy to anyone headed to the beach, mountains, or on an overnight hiking trip. They keep things dry and are actually really easy to use with a two step process.

5. Micro Fiber Towel – $11-20

I am pretty obsessed with these towels. My friend brought one with her on our hike to Havasu Falls and it came in hand so many times! They are seriously perfect for traveling because they are small, lightweight, and soak up so much water. Your travel friend will love this.

For the Flight or Train

6. Silk Sleep Mask – $30 or Amenity Kit $30

I have a sleep mask and it has made sleeping on airplanes SO MUCH EASIER! I seriously love mine. This one is especially fancy because it is designed to help minimize wrinkles and reduce sleep creases. I honestly think it makes a perfect gift! There’s also this really cool amenity kit that includes everything you need while traveling! One of these is sure to hit the jackpot with your friend.

7. Wireless Headphones – $20

Once you have your first set of wireless headphones… they are a game-changer! I love how easy it is to walk around in an airport or in a hotel room with hands-free and no hassle trying to get headphones maneuvered around my things. They make a great gift!

PS – be their real favorite, and get her the best travel gift for her, get AirPods.

8. Luggage Tag – $10-$20

    1. And so the adventure begins
    2. Kate Spade “Let’s Go” Luggage Tag
    3. Personalize initials luggage tags

These luggage tags and passport covers are so unique and cute your friend will love carrying them on their next trip. All are leather with shimmering details for a fun and fresh look.

9. Waterproof Speaker – $180

Waterproof speakers are perfect for anyone who loves to be near the water and relax. This one is great because it is easily portable, comes with a bag for travel, and has great reviews. Completely worth it.

For Packing

10. Travel Compression Bags – $20

I know people who really love packing cubes and the ones I just linked are super cool with double zippers! I actually just bought some for my friend actually for her wedding shower… But I love these travel compression bags. They are seriously functional and help you fit way more in your luggage. I always recommend them to friends and so I wanted to make sure they were included on this list.

11. Weekender Bag from Hershel – $89

I have a weekend bag just like this that I absolutely love. It’s durable, easy to carry and plenty of pockets for carrying things. It also comes in a variety of colors. This is one of the best travel gifts for her because she gets something cute and functional!

12. Mini-Backpack by Guess – $88

I have a mini backpack just like this one. The flip-top and pinched tie at the top mean more security and easier carrying. Plus, they hold everything you need as you walk around for the day. I’ve even used mine on short weekend trips. They also look really cute and are a great alternative to a purse.

13. Hard Shell Luggage – $75-$350

Hard shell luggage is durable and lasts a lifetime! Amazon has some great deals, but probably the best known hard luggage brand is Away Luggage. This can be a great gift before a big trip.

14. Mini Styling Tools – $30 – $40

This mini curling iron/straightener combo and this hairdryer are perfect for anyone trying to save space and still have awesome hair. I recently bought a travel curling iron and it’s perfect because it comes with the bag and easily fits in any bag!

15. Nintendo Switch Travel Case – $20-80

For your lady who loves to game, but also loves to travel this is the perfect gift! They’ve got the classic games and cases to match! A fun and easy gift for the traveler/gamer.

For Wearing

One Week Arizona Road Trip - Sedona

16. Fabletics Leggings – $49

Hear my out on this one because they have my favorite leggings of all time for such a good price! You don’t have to sign up for month after month. Buy them a few pairs of leggings and they will love you forever. You do not have to sign up monthy!!! Honestly, all my favorite comfy clothes and socks at this point come from Fabletics.

Pictured above, I’m wearing my leggings while in Sedona. I wore Fabletics bascially everyday on our Arizona roadt rip and they were perfect. I HIGHLY recommend them if you love leggings.

17. World Map Watch – $40-150

    1. Budget option
    2. Kate Spade “Going Places”

I love my map watch. It’s such a fun way to remember my love of travel and it’s really comfortable. Makes a perfect gift!

18. Compass Gold Charm – $30

I kind of love this so much. It’s really pretty and not over the top so you could easily get it for a friend who could add it on to their favorite gold necklace. Plus it’s real gold and so it’s something just a little nicer to show you care!

For Photo Lovers

19. Photo Presets for LightRoom – $10 – $50

If your travel-loving friend loves to take pictures, then buying them a set of these presets is an awesome idea. They make photo editing easy and fun. I’ve been using them for about 6 months now and they have taught me a lot about editing and enhancing photos without losing their integrity and quality. Before and after of a picture with one-touch edits

20. Mini Wrap Tripod – $59

I love my mini-tripod and have used it countless times (it was a gift last year from my dad!). The reason that this is perfect for travelers is that it’s small, lightweight, and wraps around basically anything. It can go so many more places with its small size and ability to wrap around almost anything.

21. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big and Small by Kath Stathers – $21.95

Talk about major inspiration. I love this book and think it’s the perfect book to inspire you to travel more!

At Home

22. Rose Gold Scratch Off Map from Amazon

We’ve all seen scratch off maps, but these maps above are way more unique! I love my scratch off map. I’ve kept it for years and continue to scratch off places as I visit more. This one is so pretty! Although they do have plain ones available on their site, this one is pretty perfect.

23. Urban Map Glasses – $16

How cool are these glasses? They make tons of different cities and this is one item I don’t own yet – hint*hint* mom!

24. Chalkboard Globe – $38

How adorable is this chalkboard globe? This is a great gift for those who are looking to add some personality to their home with a travel theme.

25. Travel Calendar – $18

I’m kind of obsessed with these and buy one of their calendars every year. When I saw this one I knew I had to include it on my list because look at it! Beautiful places and artwork. They have different themes like romantic getaways, national parks, and European cities.

Can’t think of anything else? Not sure what they would like? Try a gift card for the following:

    1. iTunes – for all your travel app needs
    2. AirBnB – for unique places to stay
    3. Southwest Airlines – they have cheap flights all the time and you’ll love flying them!
    4. Spotify – premium is a game-changer when traveling!
    5. – for your foodie-loving friends! You can use them at any Restaurant listed on the website.
    6. Choice Hotels – help them out with their next trip! Choice Hotels has over 6,500 hotels worldwide on their site.
Looking for the best travel gifts for her? Check out this list of thoughtful and practical gift ideas for your globe-trotting friend or family member.
Looking for the best travel gifts for her? Check out this list of thoughtful and practical gift ideas for your globe-trotting friend or family member.

So now you’re ready to buy something awesome with this list of gifts for friends going travelling! Good luck buying the best travel gifts for her, no matter what you buy her, she’ll enjoy it.


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