Fun Things to Do in Denver in Winter

Denver in winter is surprisingly mild with an average daily high temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and days reaching 60 degrees are not uncommon. Snow doesn’t stay on the ground long in Denver so outdoor cafes and attractions are able to stay open all year. With great weather and lots of nearby snow in the mountains, there’s plenty to do in Denver in winter!

Denver is one of my favorite US cities to visit year-round, but winter is wonderful in Denver! Unlike many other cities, Denver has a special culture. People care about the environment, want to be outdoors all the time, and just feel laid-back. Here are my favorite things to do in Denver during winter.

Thank you Visit Denver for providing us with passes to some of Denver’s best spots.

1. Denver Museum of Art

This large museum has a large collection of different types of art. The exhibits are always changing and there is a whole section of the museum dedicated to creating your own art! (And it’s not just drawing on paper.)

2. Brewery Tours

It’s no secret that Denver has tons of breweries throughout the city. The LoDo district has tons of breweries and it’s easy to visit multiple in a day using Visit Denver’s self-guided brewery tour or go with a group on this tour. This winter we went to — (the original smaller spot) for a brewery tour and flight tasting. It was so cool to hear about the history of the neighborhood, the Denver beer scene, and where it’s headed. It’s tarhe perfect way to warm up on a cold day.

3. Visit One of Denver’s Many Markets like Milk Market or City Market

Denver is home to several different markets that all have a little bit different vibe. One thing is for sure though, they all have delicious food! Milk Market is the newest on the scene and is in an old dairy farm. It’s a really cool spot with tons of seating at each place. We had some really delicious southern food while watching a football game on the big screen. Perfect Sunday afternoon!

I’ve also been to City Market (really close to lots of breweries in LoDo, one of the best historic neighborhoods in Colorado) and enjoyed the ice cream and drinks there.

4. Union Station

Union Station is honestly worth a visit just because of how pretty it is! There’s a great coffee shop inside where you can grab a nitro brew as you walk around and look at shops.

5. Clifford Still Museum

This museum is a quick stop right next to the Denver Art Museum. It’s all works of Clifford Still and has gorgeous galleries. The natural light works perfectly with his colorful paintings.

 6. Shop at Denver Pavillions Downtown

There’s tons of great shopping located right in downtown Denver along the Main Street. You can get everything from high end/luxury items to outdoorsy shops.

7. Go on a Holiday Lights & History Walking Tour

Enjoy an enchanted history walking tour through some of Denver’s most iconic landmarks. Set to the backdrop of the best holiday lights in Downtown Denver, this guided tour acquaints you with the city’s landmarks.

8. First Fridays Art Night

If you happen to be in Denver on a Friday night, the Art District on Santa Fe has First Friday Art Walks, which occur on the first Friday of each month, and continue year-round. Peruse engaging studios and galleries, and enjoy warm bites and beverages from local food trucks. The majority of festivities occur along Santa Fe Drive between 5th and 11th Avenues.

Rent a Car and…

9. Walk or Icefish in Georgetown

This was something we hadn’t planned on but when I saw cars driving on ice… we had to stop! Georgetown has a lake that gets completely covered in ice during the winter. They allow people to ice fish, walk, and drive on the ice. It’s a pretty unique experience and a fun stop.

10. Go Skiing/Snowboarding

This goes without saying but skiing in Colorado is amazing. It’s honestly my favorite. It snows so often that there is fresh powder constantly making it way easier to ski or snowboard on. This past trip we went to Arapahoe Basin where you can ski for as low as $60 for the day (buy online early for this deal at least a week in advance – otherwise it’s $90 day before, $120 once there).

Pro-tip: Get there super early and don’t park along the highway! We were towed even though literally everyone else was doing it too. The towing company said they towed close to 80 cars that day. Parking is really limited here as well.

11. Hang out in Breckenridge (ski here too!)

I loved the town of Breckenridge. It’s super cute and has tons of great little spots to grab a bite to eat. We ate delicious Pho and walked around town at night as well as grabbing a drink. The next day we had coffee and walked/shopped at the boutiques. Tons of affordable and cute clothes in town!

Breckenridge has a huge ski resort and worth the price tag if you can stay multiple days. An Epic Pass is your best option which gets you into Breckenridge, Vail, and others for one price. Since these ski resorts are so huge (on multiple mountains) they make a really good week-long trip.

For staying overnight, book really far in advance as skiing is pretty much the main reason people visit Denver in winter. We ended up getting really lucky finding a bedroom at a House last minute through AirBnB. It was super cute but the bedroom was smaller than we expected and there are lots of pets!

12. Go on a snowy hike

There are so many amazing hikes near Denver. This might sound crazy but hiking in snow actually leads to some amazing views! There are many spots near Breckenridge and Loveland Pass that can be good for hikes as well as skiing. Rocky Mountain National Park can also be a great spot for snowshoeing and other activities in the winter. Check out my tips for RMNP too!

Denver is worth visiting in any city. What can you do in Denver in winter? Find great things to do while there in the cold.
Denver is worth visiting in any city. What can you do in Denver in winter? Find great things to do while there in the cold.

Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that Denver in the winter is an awesome vacation! Seriously love this city whether summer or winter. For more on what to do in Denver, check out my post fun and unique things to do in Denver.


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