Europe Trip Itinerary: 2 Weeks – Best Itinerary Ideas + Steps for Planning

A trip to Europe is on everyone’s bucket list, and for good reason. There are so many amazing countries to explore on this amazing continent filled with incredible historic sites, beaches, food, and diverse landscapes. When thinking about a two-week Europe trip itinerary, it’s important to decide on what type of trip you want to take. 

This Europe trip itinerary, two weeks, will share the best places to go and different itinerary ideas based on the type of trip you want to take. It’s impossible to see all of Europe in two weeks, so we’ll go over different itinerary ideas in this post for you to choose from depending on what type of trip you’re looking for. 

All itineraries assume you have a full 14 days. Cut and add where you see fit. Some of these itineraries are jam-packed, but again, they are meant for inspiration! These are all my opinions after visiting numerous countries in Europe. I also suggest day trips from each city, which are included in the overall count of days there. Have an amazing trip!

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view of amalfi amalfi coast italy

Steps (and Tips) for Planning a Trip to Europe

Planning a trip to Europe can be intimidating, but once you start identifying some of the major details and themes, it gets easier! Below are some of my tips for planning a trip to Europe.

  1. Define your goals and interests: You want to define what you want your trip to look like. Pick a theme like history, architecture, nature, or beaches (thankfully, this post will help!).
  2.  Set your budget: Since costs can add up quickly, make sure you know how much you want to spend before you choose a destination. Consider flights, hotels, food, and activities. You can get my free vacation budget planner by subscribing!
  3. Prioritize the places you want to visit: Instead of planning out every moment, choose a few anchor activities a day and go from there.
  4. Stay flexible to find the best deal: Before booking anything else, check flights and start tracking. Consider getting a travel credit card. Stay flexible on the first destination; this method always saves me money. I can almost always find a flight deal to somewhere in Europe from the US and then take trains and flights for cheap once in Europe. I recently did this with Copenhagen—$260 for the flight, then cheap flights to Vienna and back from Munich. Read my step by step for cheap flights.
  5. Start planning your itinerary: Once you’ve booked your cheap international flight, plan your itinerary. First, choose how long you want to stay in each place, then decide on trains and budget airlines, and buy any passes you want.
  6.  Book popular destinations in advance: I highly recommend something like the Go City Pass and getting skip the line tickets whenever possible. You don’t want to spend your vacation in lines or miss something because it’s sold out!
  7.  Gather all your travel documents: Ensure your passport is valid, check for any needed visas, and get travel insurance.
  8.  Plan how you’ll stay connected: international phone plan, e-sim, wifi hotspot, etc.
  9.  Pack smart: Don’t overpack or bring a bag that will be annoying to roll around in. Check out my international travel packing list, which includes a checklist for everything you need. 

Best 2 Week Europe Itinerary by Type of Traveler (Solo, First time, etc)

neuschwanstein castle in winter

Best for Solo Travelers

If you’re planning to travel solo in Europe, you’ll want to pick some fun, safe, and friendly places to stay. As someone who frequently travels solo and has done so on three different trips to Europe, this is the two-week itinerary I’d suggest.

Each of these cities is safe and friendly to solo travelers. I have personally been to all three solo and had a great time! When in Copenhagen, though, you’ll need to make an extra effort to meet fellow travelers and make friends, as people tend to keep to themselves more here. I’d recommend staying somewhere like Zoku Copenhagen, which has a built-in community!


paris in winter

Best for First Timers

As a first timer visiting Europe, you’ll want to check out some of the best cities and places to visit in Europe! Below is where I’d suggest to visit for people on their first trip to Europe. With this itinerary, make sure you build in time for day trips from these major cities as well as some charming towns and places you can’t miss that are nearby!

Each of the cities below is an iconic, can’t miss city full of some of the most famous museums and history in Europe. They are also very touristy cities with a lot for travelers to do in them and easy to navigate for first time visitors. I’d suggest taking this trip during shoulder season and avoiding visiting during high tourism months like July because they get extremely busy.


  • London, England – 5 days (day trips to Bath and Oxford)
  • Paris, France – 4 days (day trip to Versaille)
  • Rome, Italy – 5 days (day trip to Pompeii and Capri)
madrid on sunny day

Best for Families

Families visiting Europe will want a variety of things to do, plenty of kind friendly spaces, and great food. Portugal and Spain are the perfect match!

Spain is very laid-back. Many places like Madrid have a siesta in the afternoon, when things get quiet (touristy places do stay open), so those with small kids get a natural break in the afternoon. Plus, people in Spain eat dinner very late, making it easy for families to get a table at a restaurant early in the evening. Not to mention Spain has so many beautiful cities...

In Portugal, it is actually a law that families with small children get to skip the line for things like the grocery store and major tourist attractions. This makes it far easier to visit Portugal as a family, and I would recommend it! Plus, Lisbon has some romantic things to do in the evenings without the kids if you can.

Best for Budget Travelers 

If you’re wanting a budget trip to Europe, check out the cities below. All of the cities and countries below are on the affordable side for Europe with cheaper prices across the board for accommodation, food, and activities. They’re also amazing places to visit. Have you seen how amazing Albania looks?! The baths in Budapest?! The 2 Euro beers in Prague?! I’m sold.

  • Prague – 4 days
  • Budapest – 3 days
  • Warsaw, Zakopane, and Krakow, Poland – 7 days
  • Tirana, Berat, and Saranda, Albania – 7 days

Best 2 Week Europe Itinerary by Trip Type (Beaches, History, etc)

stairs in fira santorini

Best for Beaches

There are so many great beaches in Europe, but for this itinerary, I had to choose the places that I think offer some of the best beaches in Europe while also exploring history and having some fun! Greece and Croatia are both known for their picture-perfect islands, historical attractions, and sunny coastlines. Plus, they are both affordable countries (compared to other places in Europe.

You can easily take a ferry between islands in each of these countries, or in Croatia, consider doing a yacht week to explore the many different islands by boat!


  • Athens, Greece – 2 days
  • Santorini – 2 days
  • Mykonos – 2 days
  • Naxos or Paros – 2 days
  • Zagreb, Croatia – 2 days
  • Split, Croatia – 2 days
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia – 2 days
standing in front of the colosseum

Best for History Lovers

For this itinerary for history lovers, we’re headed to some ancient and historically significant places in Europe! I think combining these three countries is the best way to go because you’ll get to see Greece and Turkey, which were heavily influenced by each other and intertwined throughout history. Then, the Roman Empire in Italy was influenced by Greece and its society.

On this trip, you’ll see a timeline from ancient to medieval to modern times. You’ll have a ton of fun exploring and learning history.

viewing the vienna opera house from the albertina

Best for Architecture Lovers

When deciding on the best itinerary for people who love architecture, I choose cities with a diverse and different architectural scene. By visiting these cities, you’ll get the chance to see modern Scandinavian architecture, Gaudi and his incredible influence in Barcelona, the Duomo in Florence, which is an architectural wonder, and Vienna, which is stunning every way you turn!

There are so many cities in Europe that have unique architecture and are beautiful. These are the highlights and places I’d recommend for those that love architecture.

soaking in the blue lagoon in iceland

Best for Outdoor Adventures

If you love the outdoors, visiting the Alps is one of the best outdoor adventures in Europe. Germany and Austria make a great home base for exploring these beautiful mountains with a little city and history mixed in. 

The second half of this itinerary you can choose between the incredible Iceland or Norway. Or do a week in both! Two very different vibes and far from the rest of this itinerary, you’ll want ample time to explore either of these if you choose. 

Best for Winter

Whether visiting Europe during winter around Christmas or after, there are some cool cities and outdoor places to explore. For this itinerary, start with a city break and end with some adventure in the Alps.

I explored Germany and Austria in winter and found it really wonderful to visit. You can still do so much and the Alps are amazing. Switzerland is beautiful in summer or winter, but the skiing there is top notch so it makes a great place to visit when the mountains are covered in snow.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – 3 days
  • Bruges, Belgium – 2 days
  • Brussels, Belgium – 3 days
  • Cologne, Germany – 3 days
  • Interlaken, Switzerland – 2 days
  • Lucerne, Switzerland – 2 day

Best 2 Week Europe Itinerary Ideas by Region

versaille in paris in winter

Western Europe 2 Week Itinerary

If you want to head to Western Europe, spend some time in the following cities and spaces. This itinerary would be amazing in Spring or Summer when you can spend a lot of time outside and enjoying the amazing wineries and outdoor adventures in Switzerland. 

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – 3 days
  • Paris, France – 3 days (day trip to Versailles)
  • Bordeaux, France – 3 days (day trips to St-Émilion and/or Médoc wine country)
  • Geneva, Switzerland – 3 days (day trip to Montreux or Annecy)

Eastern Europe 2 Week Itinerary

For Eastern Europe, we’re going through the Balkans and visiting lakes, the sea, and unique cities. Eastern Europe has any type of geography or weather you’d want to experience. It’s also affordable compared to other itineraries on this list and less touristy (except Croatia which is very popular for tourists).

  • Zagreb, Croatia – 2 days
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina – 1 day
  • Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – 2 days
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia – 3 days
  • Kotor, Montenegro – 2 days
  • Belgrade, Serbia – 2 days
view of lisbon on cloudy day

Southern Europe 2 Week Itinerary

For Southern Europe, we’re spending most of our time along the coast! There’s a lot to see and do in this sunny and beautiful part of Europe. This itinerary starts in Portugal and moves across the coastline through the south of France. Beautiful towns and beaches await! This itinerary would be perfect in September or October after most tourists have gone and you can road trip through the area with ease.

  • Porto, Portugal – 2 days
  • Lisbon, Portugal – 3 days
  • Seville, Spain – 2 days
  • Barcelona, Spain – 3 days
  • Nice, France – 2 days
  • Avignon, France – 2 days
nyhavn in copenhagen early morning

Best Northern Europe 2 Week Itinerary

For our last itinerary, we’re going to Northern Europe! Most of this itinerary is in the UK, but you could also spend your time going through Scandinavia if you wanted to. I do include Copenhagen here as flights to Copenhagen are cheap and easy from the UK many times of year. Castles, beautiful cities with history, and friendly locals await on this trip.

  • Dublin – 3 days (Day Trip to Wicklow & Kilkenny)
  • Edinburgh – 3 days (day trip to Highlands)
  • London – 3 days (day trips to Oxford and/or Bath)
  • Copenhagen – 3 days

I hope this post gave you a ton of inspiration for your Europe Trip Itinerary: 2 Weeks. I love Europe and even creating this post made me want to go back and explore some new cities and places in Europe. There’s so many places to explore, it all depends on what appeals to you most.


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