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As a frequent traveler, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what to pack for every type of trip. One of the (sometimes) fun parts of that is choosing outfits for your trip! However, I sometimes found I was forgetting an outfit for a special activity on my vacation or for a particular day, so I created this vacation outfit planner

Planning your outfits for a vacation shouldn’t be stressful. Let’s make it a little bit more fun to plan your vacation with these tips for planning your vacation outfits and a downloadable vacation outfit planner.

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vacation outfit planner
trip outfit planner

How to use this Vacation Outfit Planner

Once downloaded, this vacation outfit planner is a PDF that comes with the ability to edit and fill everything in online. You can also print it out and write things down or cross them off as you go!

This option means you can also utilize it to upload photos to it of your outfits if you’d prefer that over writing things in (here’s 3 ways to do it)! I know that I keep everything digital these days so I make all my free downloadables have the ability to be edited on your laptop or phone.

I’ve created a few different optional planning pages, one with days listed and one is blank to fill in activities. I created both because the option you choose will depend on what makes the most sense for you and your trip.

vacation outfit planner filled out example 1
vacation outfit planner filled out example 2

One option has the days all listed out and boxes for each piece. The other has a space for you to fill in the activity and then boxes for each piece to wear. Examples are below.

Both have their pros and cons depending on what type of trip you are going on; I find that I like to use both options for different types of trips, so I made them both!

For example, you may be going on a cruise with water activities/day trips, then dinners in the evening. You’d want an activities planner page for that. On a trip to Europe in winter, though, you probably will wear the same warm outfit all day long and might want to plan each day instead!

Delete or ignore the pages you don’t need. You can also duplicate them if it’s a longer trip.

The last page is a packing list for you. Once you’ve planned out your outfits, you can use this page to create your packing list! I have several resources and packing lists in my travel tips (and as PDFs for subscribers) if you’re interested in that as well.

The packing list page has categories of items in addition to outfits so you can be sure you aren’t missing anything from your packing list. You can also fill this in online or print it out. Whichever you prefer!

Before you go, check out the tips below for easy planning and packing for your trip.

packing suitcase
Photo by Gustavo Fring

Tips for Vacation Outfit Planning

In addition to the vacation outfit planner, here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years for picking vacation outfits!

1. Think About Where You’re Going and What You’ll Be Doing – Check the weather forecast for your destination and make a short list of the activities you already have planned. Are you going to a wedding, will you be going out for a casual dinner, or are you having cocktails at a hip bar? Creating the perfect outfit depends on all of these things.

2. Choose pieces that can mix and match – if you stick with a color scheme or mostly neutral pieces, it’s much easier to pack fewer items. You can wear pieces a few times with different outfits or avoid needing a whole new outfit in the evening. I often do this with t-shirts and dresses or tops and skirts/jeans. A top/t-shirt can look completely different with a different bottom!

3. Layout your outfits before a trip – if you haven’t worn something together before or want to get a visual of how much you are actually bringing, lay out your outfits before your trip. This will help you see what you are putting together!

4. If you buy anything new, try it on before packing – you never know if it’s going to fit right and you don’t want to be on a trip with a cute new outfit you can’t wear or you feel uncomfortable in.

5. Stay organized – you’re organizing your outfits using a vacation outfit planner, make sure they stay organized in your bag! I recommend packing cubes and a jewelry organizer to keep things tidy and easy to find.

6. Choose clothes that are a mix of at least two of these functional, comfortable, or cute – I love abiding by this rule because it helps me keep from overpacking and feeling blah on a trip. If it’s not functional and cute or comfortable and functional, why am I bringing it?

7. Before packing, check and count it all up using the vacation outfit planner – are you sure you need that much or are you overpacking? Put things back that you really don’t need. This is really helpful when thinking about accessories and little extras you may just be throwing in. Will you really be needing three pairs of heels or will the one pair work with all three outfits? Hmmm….

8. Try thinking of ratios of time – If you’re still having trouble thinking about what to pack and what not to pack, try thinking about the amount of time you’re spending on different types of activities. For example, if you’re spending 20% of your time hiking, but 80% in the city, you probably only need two hiking outfits but a lot more city outfits. Use most of your space for other things!

trip outfit planner blank


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I hope this vacation outfit planner will help you organize your outfits for your next trip and that you have an incredible time. I know the planning part can be stressful for some and fun for others. Either way, you’re one step closer to a fun trip!

Plan your vacation outfits stress-free with this downloadable and editable vacation outfit planner. Stay organized and stylish on your next trip!
Plan your vacation outfits stress-free with this downloadable and editable vacation outfit planner. Stay organized and stylish on your next trip!

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