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On my recent three day Copenhagen trip, I stayed at a hotel I absolutely loved called Zoku. Zoku Hotel Copenhagen provides unique loft accommodations, focused on helping people connect with other travelers, work remotely, and enjoy the best Copenhagen has to offer. In this Zoku Hotel Copenhagen review I’ll tell you why this makes an excellent hotel option for your trip.

I stayed at Zoku Copenhagen for two nights during my 3 days in Copenhagen and am excited to share all about this hotel with you. As someone who travels a lot, if I like a hotel enough, I write about it. This one is that good!

This post is not sponsored, but does include affiliate links. I wrote this because I genuinely enjoyed this hotel and think others will too!

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Zoku’s Unique Approach


Zoku first opened in Amsterdam, their Copenhagen hotel opened in 2021. Zoku Copenhagen provides a home for travelers who want to live in a city for between a few days and a few months. They’re a new type of hotel offering a relaxed place to live, co-work and socialize – while wiring you into the local scene.

Zoku works in an upside-down way: public spaces and reception on the top floor, and our private floors with Lofts below. By flipping this around from a traditional hotel, they created a stunning rooftop with natural daylight, green terraces, and a large Greenhouse with amazing views of Copenhagen. It’s a hidden gem in Amager you won’t want to miss!
Their entire shared rooftop is build as a public space for co-working during the day. They’ve got co-working, meeting rooms, and event space options as flexible as your yoga instructor. In the evening, the rooftop becomes a bar and restaurant with shared tables, allowing again for a place to meet new people.


Zoku Copenhagen is located in Amager right next to DR Koncert Hall. In just a short 10 minutes, you can reach the city center and tons of exciting sites by metro. The street, Amagerfælledvej, a more residential street with surrounding businesses, Zoku is easily accessible by car too.
The hotel is just a two minute walk from the DR Byen metro stop making it convenient and easy to get to even if you have bags!
When staying here, you’re just about 20 minutes from the airport and very close to Copenhagen central train station. It’s nice to have a quiet, convenient place to stay! Within a 20 minute walk, you’ll reach to the Islands Brygge area with fun restaurants and bars on the water. You can also take the train one stop to get there.
This is a quieter area of Copenhagen with a grocery store, apartments, and a few restaurants close by. I really liked getting away from the hustle of the city by staying here, but still being so close.
Next to the hotel is DR Koncert Hall, so it’s a good place to stay if you’re headed to a concert too!
Below are some distances to keep in mind:
  • 300m DR Byen metro station
  • 400m DR Koncerthuset (concert venue)
  • 5km Royal Arena
  • 3km Nyhavn
  • 3km Tivoli Gardens (amusement park)
  • 3km Strøget (shopping street)
  • 3.5km Copenhagen Opera House
  • 4.5km Kastellet (citadel)
  • 5km Little Mermaid


Costs of hotels in Copenhagen varies depending on the time of year you are visiting. Copenhagen is a popular destination in the summer so you can expect to pay more if you visit that time of year.
Breakfast is not included automatically and is an additional charge. Average prices for Zoku Copenhagen are below.

Low season


High season


Average price (weeknight)


Average price (weekend night)



Copenhagen is generally considered an expensive city to visit, but I was able to find a great deal on this hotel through Hopper for just $20 a night during off season! It was an incredible deal, feel free to use my code (Meghan) for an extra 10% off too and check out Zoku there.



Zoku Copenhagen features 160 Lofts: private apartment-style rooms that contain a lofted bed, living room, kitchen, bathroom and large 4-person table. The award-winning Zoku Loft is a spacious micro-apartment equally suited for living and working.
I was very impressed with how spacious the lofts felt and loved that each were unique. On each floor, there’s also space to grab anything you need more of. More forks, more soap, more towels? Grab them yourself! Want to change the art work? You can do that too!
The Zoku Loft is a flexible home-office hybrid that sets a new standard in the intelligent use of space. It’s an entire apartment’s worth of spaces all combined into a single lofty home – making it an ideal base of operations for living, working, and collaborating.
Each Loft sleeps two, except the Loft XXL that sleeps 4, and comes equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TV and free high-speed Wi-Fi. I found the bed super comfy.
I stayed here solo and really liked having the space that felt like home to relax.

Eating and Drinking on the Rooftop

The rooftop at Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is decorated so well. It has the signature Danish style with a modern feel to it. The rooftop is covered in green plants and has a greenhouse up top. The colors blend perfectly into the skyline in the evening, it gives off the best vibe!
The rooftop is open with your key card 24/7, but there’s a restaurant and bar open daily from 8 am – 9:30 pm. On weekends, the bar stays open later.
The restaurant, Living Kitchen, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to both hotel and non-hotel guests. The food is fresh and modern with a variety of dishes that bring Nordic and modern flavors together.

If you’d like to eat dinner here, I’d recommend getting a reservation, I tried to walk up and they were all full both nights of my trip! One unique thing here is that you never have to dine alone if you don’t want to. You can take a seat at the Kitchen Table and chat with the chef about your favorite thing in Copenhagen or chat about the latest thing you read.

The bar, Kindred Spirits, is also on the rooftop and you’ll find everything from signature cocktails to beers on tap.
Everything you enjoy has a wonderful view of Copenhagen to enjoy while eating and sipping. I really loved the rooftop and special events I was able to participate in. More on that below!

Entertainment and Activities

Zoku hosts regular events with local partners. You’ll find them listed in the elevator, on their website, and you can always ask about them when you check in! Some examples of events include yoga/work out classes, live music performances, holiday celebrations, and business talks with local business professionals.
In addition to the events they host, you can also rent a bike here and travel around as the locals do by bike. You’ll also see signs for the bike storage in the basement if you want to bring your own bike.

Other Special Touches

One other thing I had to mention because I really loved this was their basement space where you could store luggage, do laundry, take a shower even before or after you check out. Yes, you read that right, access to their comfortable space even before or after checking in!

I liked this because I arrived in the morning after a long flight from the US and had the time to freshen up, store my bags, and could go right into exploring Copenhagen. They give you your own key card for access so no having to ask someone about bags or worry. They stay safely tucked away!

I’ll also just mention again here that I really liked the ability to switch out artwork if I wanted, grab an extra towel or whatever is needed without having to ask the front desk. It made this so much more convenient!



I had great interactions while staying at this hotel! They were very accommodating when I got there early, made check in so easy, and everyone I interacted with was great!

The Danes tend to keep to themselves and not ask too many questions, but I did find the staff here extra friendly.

They even helped me when the reservation was under the wrong name and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to check in!


Zoku Hotel Copenhagen Review Wrap Up

To summarize, I’d highly recommend staying at this hotel during a trip to Copenhagen! Now you have all the details in this Zoku Hotel Copenhagen review! Whether you’re a traveling for work or a solo female traveler, I’d recommend this hotel for you.
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!
Discover why Zoku Hotel Copenhagen is the perfect retreat for remote workers and solo travelers. Read this comprehensive review for all the details!

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