A Teacher’s Favorite FREE Online Learning Resources for Kids

Online learning is important these days! As a teacher, I used several different free online learning resources to support my classroom teaching. I’m excited to share the ones I love, along with some awesome new free online learning resources I’ve recently found.

Everything on this list is free, geared toward elementary-aged kids (K-6), and available on the web or as an app. Here are some awesome, free online learning resources for kids. I hope they’ll help you as you navigate what to do at home during this time!

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Reading Online

Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is another resource I used constantly as a teacher. Reading A-Z offers leveled books (ask your child’s teacher for their reading level if you don’t know), activities, lessons, and games that correspond to the books on their site. They have tons of resources to support students continuing to learn to read.

They are currently offering a free trial to parents and families, plus it’s a great way to support your child’s reading.

Overdrive, Public Library

Another great resource for books comes from local libraries. As a DC teacher, I’m linking our online library of books to read, listen to, and explore. However, no matter where you live, your online library will have tons of e-Books available for free to use if you create an online account or have a library card.

Utilize Amazon Prime with Free Books

Did you know Amazon Prime offers tons of books included with your membership? Much like their included Amazon Prime TV offerings, you can find tons of free books that are downloadable on Kindle, iPhone/iPad, and more. You’ll find all kinds of books for free, including travel books for kids! You don’t need a Kindle, just the app, to enjoy the books included with Amazon Prime.

Listen to Books Read from Space

I think this is such a fun idea! Astronauts read the books, new ones added regularly, and you’ll find some really great, well known classics that all kids should read! Plus activities to go along with them. See below for some more ideas of activities for after reading I’ve found online as well.

Get Epic!

Get Epic is another online tool I used frequently as a teacher. You listen or read books, take quizzes and find activities related to the books they have online. They have several well-known authors and classics available on their site. Get Epic is currently offering a free 30 day trial which I’d highly recommend doing.

Ideas for after Reading a Free Book:

    1. Create a Venn Diagram (similarities and differences between characters, books, and more)
    2. Compare and Contrast Two Books
    3. Create a Story Map of the beginning, middle, end
    4. Create a Comic Strip of the story
    5. Make a slide show or PowerPoint about the book
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Puppet Pals App

Make your own movie script then create an animated version using this app for free.

Story Bird

You can sign up for a trial and create your own book, entirely on their website!

ShowMe Interactive White Board

This is a great app for non-fiction writing, reports, and more. After a lesson or if you want to practice spelling, this app will record what you write on the whiteboard.

Make a comic

This website allows you to create a comic strip online. Such a fun way to explore creative writing!

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IXL is another site I used all the time as a teacher. They have hundreds of resouces, many for things beyond math, but I loved it as a teacher specifically for math because it was easy to find the exact skill I wanted to work on and create a worksheet to teach into that skill. They have hundreds of activities per grade level to use!

Math Playground

Play tons of different math games that kids will love at Math Playground. You can select by grade level, or by the specific skill you want to work on making it easy to decide if the game will fit your child’s needs.

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Online Learning Classes and Games

ABC Mouse

Usually a paid program, ABC Mouse offers kids ages 2-8 the opportunity to play games related to math, reading, science, and art. It’s highly engaging and my students used to love playing it! It’s amazing they have made it free online and your child will learn lots playing the games.

Sign Up for a Class on Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit that brings learning online for everyone. You can select a course you’re interested in and begin the work! It’s created by experts and lessons are standards-aligned (same as your child’s school works to do) so your child can easily learn important content at the right level for them. Khan also has activities beyond just core programs available for both kids and adults that are fun and engaging.


Scholastic has a wide variety of options for online learning available. Their website has everything from book to read, to science activities, to writing, all related to the books that a student will read that day. It’s really easy to plan out these fun activities and each book they read already has predetermined lessons with little to no prep needed.

PBS Kids

Kids LOVE PBS Kids (my students would beg to get on). Seriously! Fun educational games, tv shows you can stream, and activities related to what they are learning. PBS has some awesome games and learning for kids that they will latch on to.

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Science, Technology, and Engeneering

Mystery Science

Mystery Science has tons of lessons and activites available online that require zero prep for kids to enjoy. The lessons range from 5 minute videos with writing involved to full 45 minute explorations. They are easy to use, highly engaging, and I loved them when I was in the classroom!

Become a Disney Imagineer

I referenced Khan Academy above, but this free class about how to become an Imagineer is perfect for your older elementary age students who may want to know more about what it would really be like working for Disney. This is a multiday activity that will keep them busy for a long time!

Join the Kennedy Space Center for their Facebook Live Science Lessons

The Kennedy Space Center is doing weekly Facebook live sessions to actively support student’s learning about space from home. They are also updating their site with tons of online resources to continue having fun after the online lessons.

Virtually Tour a Smithsonian

All 19 Smithsonians have virtual tours available of their exhibits. You can navigate through different rooms through a virtual visit to tons of different Smithsonian Musuems. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas at the satellite support and research stations as well as past exhibits no longer on display.

Possible Activities after your Tour:

  1. STEM Games
  2. Tune in to Smithsonian’s Facebook Page for an Art Lesson
  3. Read a rare book from the Smithsonian Library
  4. Do a lesson from their online lesson plan library

Watch a Virtual Dissection

I know what you are thinking – gross, not good for kids. Hear me out though, this is completely virtual. This means that there no animal harmed, and instead, you can understand how things work from the inside without the mess or stress with these tools

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Music, Art, and More

Ride Disney Rides

I am not sure about you, but I think this is a fun list of rides to “visit” while you are on your couch! Kids love Disney and these videos will allow them to see some of their favorite rides in a different way.

Take an Art Lesson

There are tons of art lessons out there online right now. Many are available on YouTube and you can simply click to watch at any time of day.

Coloring Page PDFs or Online

We all love coloring honestly (I love my adult coloring book) and Crayola has free coloring pages for download. You can also color online on PBS Kids or with their app for great coloring pages, plus ideas for crafts, art activities, and more.

Enjoy some amazing music games

There are so many games and lessons out there to help your child learn about music! This list was compiled by a music blogger who found some of the best resources out there for all ages.

Join Delish’s Weekly Family Cooking Class on Instagram

Cooking can be fun for the whole family and it’s really great that so many different organizations are offering free things online! You can join Delish each week to learn more about cooking, classes are designed for kids.

Explore a variety of free online learning resources for elementary-aged kids. From interactive games to leveled books, find educational tools to support home-based learning.
Explore a variety of free online learning resources for elementary-aged kids. From interactive games to leveled books, find educational tools to support home-based learning.
Explore a variety of free online learning resources for elementary-aged kids. From interactive games to leveled books, find educational tools to support home-based learning.
Explore a variety of free online learning resources for elementary-aged kids. From interactive games to leveled books, find educational tools to support home-based learning.

I hope these free online learning resources for parents can help you plan some awesome activities to do while at home. It’s a tough enough time as it is, and I hope these will make it easier for you as you navigate what to do during this time. Stay healthy and safe!


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