N’TICE the Newest of Airbnb Competitors Just for Teachers

When N’TICE reached out to me recently about their awesome idea to create a website like Airbnb designed especially for teachers, I knew it was something I wanted to share.

There are a few different Airbnb competitors out there, but this one is truly unique for a few different reasons that I’ll share below. I hope you’re as excited as me to learn more about N’TICE – an Airbnb alternative designed for teachers.

N’TICE is launching soon and if you want in now is the perfect time. Below I’ll outline some of the features that the founders Jason and Kimberly shared with me. They’re former teachers themselves and spent time running a school in Colombia. Their idea doesn’t come out of nowhere and they truly have a passion for creating affordable lodging options for teachers around the world. They designed this Airbnb alternative is perfectly with traveling teachers in mind.

I’m so glad I get to partner with N’TICE to spread the word about this awesome and newest of Airbnb competitors, designed especially with teachers in mind. Thank you for  partnering with me.N'TICE the Newest of Airbnb Competitors Just for Teachers

How It Works

N’TICE is a lodging alternative to hotels, one of Airbnb competitors, and a house sitting alternative. It allows teachers to connect with others around the world while traveling for an affordable price.

First, you need to sign up of course! You’ll need to verify that you are a teacher and list your own place on the site. After listing your place and verification, you’ll have access to places to stay all over the world. There are tons of options for the type of place you want to list. It can be your own, family members, a couch, or your entire place. You set the times your place is available too. After you’re all set up and background checks are passed, you are ready to start exploring.

Unlimited Lodging for One Fee

One of the biggest costs of traveling is lodging. It’s not a surprise that this can keep some of us from affording to travel. One of the reasons that N’TICE is so unique is because you aren’t repeatedly paying for lodging. It’s unlimited after you pay a flat fee. You pay once and can stay as many times within two years as you want. You can choose to purchase a plan just within one country, a region, or the entire world (the price changes the wider your range goes).

I love this model because it allows you to stay in unlimited places around the world while enjoying a unique place to stay. The flat fee for unlimited stays is awesome too. In one trip, your membership will more than pay for itself. Plus, you can bring people with you (they don’t have to be teachers). So you’ll not just be paying for yourself when you travel with this membership. It’s honestly a great deal!

Silver (One Country) $175

Gold (Two Regions) $249

Platinum (Entire World) $399

Explore the World on Your Own Terms

With N’TICE you’re given the freedom to travel where you want, when you want. You get to choose the best place to stay and how long to stay there without worry. Their one-time fee and unlimited stays means you have way more freedom to travel at a low cost than you would otherwise. Plus, your two years of membership don’t actually officially start until you book your first stay. No worries about spending money then never using the subscription to its fullest.

I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else with such low fees. They do this on purpose because they know that a teacher’s salary isn’t the highest, but also the benefit of exploring the world to you personally and to your classroom is invaluable.

N'TICE the Newest of Airbnb Competitors Just for Teachers

Connect with a Network of Teachers

This is a website like Airbnb because it allows you to find places to stay anywhere, like a local, but different because while you stay in unique places you’re also connecting with teachers. I love traveling and connecting with other educators because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the profession while I travel. One of the most important things about traveling is making connections with other people and when you’re able to connect with other traveling teachers, what could be better? After staying with teachers in Zambia and China, I can tell you, teachers make great hosts!

Give Back Through their Foundation

So, you get an awesome travel deal here with unlimited stays through N’TICE, but you’ll also get to do even more. N’TICE has its own foundation bringing resources to staff and students around the world. They give professional development, scholarships, and more to schools around the world. You not only get more than your money’s worth, but also get to give back to others. How cool is that?

I’m so glad I get to partner with N’TICE to spread the word about this awesome, newest of Airbnb competitors designed especially with teachers in mind.

N'TICE the Newest of Airbnb Competitors Just for Teachers
Discover N’TICE – the unique Airbnb alternative designed for teachers. Find out why it’s the perfect lodging option for educators.

N’TICE is already accepting memberships and currently has a campaign going to get them launched within the next month. So, don’t hesitate to sign up now so you lock in your spot, follow along on Social, and stay informed about what is next. Their website has a full FAQ and tons more information on how to sign up so head over if you’ve got questions or are interested! Can’t wait to see how this company grows and share more with you as it launches.


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