Incredible Things to Do in Page, AZ

There are so many things to do in Page, AZ! It’s the closest town to so many incredible spots that you’ll want to visit while in Arizona (and if you didn’t before, you will after reading this!). Many of the places I list below are often listed as being in Utah but really, Page is in Arizona and on the border of Utah. All the places listed below are in fact in Arizona!

We spent two days in Page, Arizona, on part of our big Arizona road trip, and I feel like we could have spent longer. Page is a town that was founded partially because of tourism and has just 8,000 people living in it. It’s got a small-town feel but packs a really big punch with amazing things to do and see. Here is my list of things to do in Page, AZ.

If you’re looking for an awesome place to stay while in Page, I highly recommend staying at the Best Western View of Lake Powell. The hotel had amazing lake views, large rooms, and had a great location. No complaints about this hotel!

1. Antelope Canyon 

$48 for tour

One of the most famous spots near Page, Antelope Canyon is a spot you cannot miss while here. There are a limited number of tour companies that offer tours to Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. Tours sell out quickly in high tourist months (May – August) and spots are limited.

We visited Lower Antelope Canyon with Navajo Tours because we had read we had a higher chance of seeing light beams in that canyon and the walkways were wider. Both of these were true and while I didn’t have time to capture the light beams, we did see them and they were beautiful! Capturing the canyon can be really tricky so make sure you read up on the best photography tips for Antelope Canyon before going.

Crowds are huge in Antelope Canyon and it was overall a disappointment to feel rushed through the canyon. I’ll be writing a whole post about Antelope Canyon later, but know it is one spot that while it can’t be missed, is a bit disappointing. Make sure you keep reading to find out about the alternatives for Antelope Canyon if you have time!

2. Lake Powell 

$25 fee for National Park + kayak or boat fee

Lake Powell is an incredible man-made reservoir through Glen Canyon that was created as a water supply for the region. It’s actually the second-largest manmade lake in the US behind Lake Mead. It has amazingly beautiful canyon cliffs for this reason.

There are tons of beautiful regions of Lake Powell and I was able to explore the side that actually connects to a section of Antelope Canyon. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to kayak all the way there, but we did get to kayak between canyon cliffs which was incredible.

My friends from Life’s Sweet Journey made it though! Look at the incredible canyon you get at the end of kayaking for three hours! Totally worth it.

3. Horseshoe Bend 

free (parking $10)

Horseshoe Bend is another iconic spot you just can’t miss while in Page. Since it is such an iconic spot, it attracts a large crowd. It’s also basically right in town and less than a mile drive. There’s a huge parking lot, and they’ve cracked down on parking along the road in recent years. You climb up a large hill and down the other side to get there.

A new trail winds .6 miles from the north end of the parking lot to a fenced overlook added in 2018. For a barrier-free view of the blue-green waters below, venture to either side of the overlook. There, you can appreciate the iconic scenery, set up a tripod to capture the sunset, or pose for a picture with your travel companions. Be careful as winds can be strong here!

It felt more like a spot for a photo op than anything else and there were tons of people lining the edges. It felt pretty dangerous to me but I still sat on the edge of it! Pictures are pretty deceiving because you can’t really get to the other side and it looks so remote.

Although the National Park Service doesn’t charge an admission fee to Horseshoe Bend, the parking lot is located on property owned by Page. The city charges $10 per vehicle or RV and $5 per motorcycle to park in the lot.

4. The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, and Paria Canyon 

$15 for permit, book far in advance

I’m including these all together because they are all part or near Grand Escalante Staircase and about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from Page. Page is the closest city to this area so if you are looking for a town to stay in, then Page is the one! Many people want to go to the Wave, but getting a permit can be really hard and it’s a really small area.

We ended up getting permits for the other section, Vermillion Cliffs/Coyote Buttes and were not disappointed. We loved seeing the amazing “waves” in the cliffs that reminded me of Hershey’s kisses! The waves seemed to go on forever and were so beautiful.

Make sure you pay attention to signs and rules for these areas. Everything gets mailed to you and warnings are given. It is seriously remote and we saw very few people while there. They caution you about roads to drive on and not drive on. These warnings are real! We saw people get stuck who did not follow the rules and it can costs over $1000 to get someone out there to tow your car because of how far it is from cities. Be careful!

5. Grand Escalante Staircase National Monument

You can get to Grand Escalante Staircase by heading north from Page in about 2 hours heading into Utah. It is definitely worth taking a few days around here to see. This is an area we didn’t get to explore but I would have loved to see it! We only had one day to explore Grand Escalante Staircase and opted for Vermillion Cliffs which is technically not part of this park, but you have to drive through it to get there.

This is a spot I’ll have to go back to on my next trip because there’s lots of unique hiking. Thankfully, Dana has and her pictures make it look like such an amazing place to hike! Read more about Grand Escalante Staircase and what hikes to do while there!

6. Glen Canyon Dam 


Glen Canyon Dam was created in the 1950s and is a really beautiful dam. We drove over the dam and around Lake Powell, but you can park and walk along the dam and admire the canyon.

7. Lots and Lots of Canyons 

price varies

Most people rave and talk about Antelope Canyon and while I am glad I went and it’s definitely the largest of the slot canyons, there are over 50 canyons near Page, Arizona. 10 of them are open for tours. Most are on Navajo Land and must be done through a tour, so you’ve got to look into things beforehand.

The photos above are from Waterhole Canyon one of the many slot canyons you can see besides Antelope Canyon. Hear more about it from Wandering Queen’s Guide to Page, Arizona – aren’t her photos awesome?! Many of the canyons you can visit are a more challenging and adventurous hike which some people find more exciting.

Some canyons you can tour are Secret Canyon, Mountain Sheep Slot Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Waterhole Canyon, and Owl Canyon. There are multiple companies that offer tours to these canyons that you can find. Definitely look into them if you have more time for a less touristy option!

Discover the best things to do in Page, AZ! Explore incredible spots in Arizona and experience the beauty of this hidden gem.
Discover the best things to do in Page, AZ! Explore incredible spots in Arizona and experience the beauty of this hidden gem.
Discover the best things to do in Page, AZ! Explore incredible spots in Arizona and experience the beauty of this hidden gem.
Discover the best things to do in Page, AZ! Explore incredible spots in Arizona and experience the beauty of this hidden gem.
With all there is to do in Page, AZ, you can surely have an amazing vacation here and see some amazing things! Hopefully these ideas and more help you have an amazing time in Page, Arizona.

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