Unique Things to Do in Tampa, Florida from a Local

Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast. A major business center, it’s also known for its museums and other cultural offerings. It’s location and fun vibe bring a whole list of unique things to do in Tampa, Florida.

When my friend invited me to visit Tampa for a wedding, I was so excited. For one, I’ve heard so much about it, but also Florida is great! I’ve been able to visit a few times as well as spending a weekend in St. Pete just 30 minutes away. My friend is from Tampa and knew exactly how to give us the perfect experience with lots of unique things to do in Tampa.

I’ve been to Florida several times and always have an awesome time with the beautiful beaches and relaxing atmosphere, so I’m glad we were there to experience Tampa Bay like a local.

Ride around in a Golf Cart and See Old Tampa Bay

Everyone in Tampa Bay has a golf cart (well, almost everyone) and rides it around on the smaller streets. We took the golf cart to breakfast and around town. The old bank has been turned into a library, there are historic homes, and lots of people come just to visit the beautiful trees and parks. It was tons of fun to ride around and take in the adorable town!

Take a Bike Ride along the Longest Side Walk in the USA

Bay Shore Sidewalk is located right along South Tampa and is perfect for a bike ride! The sidewalk is nice and clear, plus there are little parks, shops, and gorgeous houses along the way. Shout out to Larcom’s Garage for the awesome bikes!

We got to visit two different pools right on the water, and it was just perfect! Relaxing by the pool with a drink and the ocean right there is a great way to spend your afternoon. We went to West Shore Yacht Club and Hula Bay.



Visit a Local Brewery

Tampa Bay has some cool breweries that are totally worth a visit. We visited 81 Bay Brewery while we were there. They had cornhole, vintage video games, and live music happening, making it an excellent way to relax in the evening.



Visit a Nearby Beach

There are many famous white sand beaches near Tampa. We went along the shore to a beach not far from Clearwater called Indian Shores. Indian Shores is definitely more of a quiet beach. There’s no boardwalk or giant pier (I’ve got a list of those below for you, though—don’t worry!).


It was virtually an empty beach, which was perfect because we had tons of space. The wind was strong that day, and the waves were huge. It was fun! Here are some other beaches in the area to try out:

  1. Siesta Key
  2. Fort De Soto
  3. Treasure Island
  4. Clearwater
  5. St. Petersburg

For a full list of nearby beaches, check here.



Eat at a Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s Kitchen is an adorable little diner with delicious, cheap food served in large portions. We ate there two mornings in a row! Breakfast is definitely the time to go. It can get crowded on the weekend, but the fast service and kind waitresses won’t keep you waiting long.



See a Concert in Ybor City

If you’re looking for live music, from up and coming artists to EDM, the Ybor City neighborhood has venues for everyone. Buy a ticket to a show before visiting and enjoy it! Be careful with your bags and the crowds here as it’s popular even through the late hours of the night.


Grab Drinks and Sushi at Hula Bay

This is the spot that had $7 Pina Coladas and really tasty sushi! We were there in the afternoon and found it relaxing without a doubt. We ate delicious food and had a few drinks overlooking a harbor. Few things are better than that! Basically, all the seafood in Tampa is delicious, so you can’t go wrong ordering it most places.

Hyde Park is full of fun restaurants and places to go shopping. From international chains to indie boutiques, this area has something for everyone. Spend an afternoon walking around this cute neighborhood and enjoying a great drink or some delicious eats.

Looking for unique things to do in Tampa? Explore the beautiful beaches, fun in the city, and vibrant nightlife of this Gulf Coast city.
Looking for unique things to do in Tampa? Explore the beautiful beaches, fun in the city, and vibrant nightlife of this Gulf Coast city.

When you explore Tampa, Florida, like a local, you get to eat delicious food, visit impressive beaches, and have tons of memories with friends! It’s a great weekend getaway. I know you’ll have as much fun as I did with these unique things to do in Tampa. You’ll also love to visit Tampa during Gasparilla — it’s so much fun!


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