Where It All Started

So you guys may know this but… Teachers do not make a huge amount of money – SURPRISE! Traveling can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful – another surprise! While these things are true, once you start traveling, you can’t stop. It’s like getting an itch you just can’t seem to scratch so you just keep trying. 

Traveling gives you new appreciation for the world and only makes you want to see more. I have always had a love of travel and sense of adventure. I have always found ways to make it work. Traveling is possible on any budget.

In high school, I wanted to go to Europe. I learned of a trip to Italy, so I got a job and started saving. A year later, I was in Italy with my mom, grandma, and some good friends.



In college, I learned of an orphanage that my high school was sponsoring. I decided to go. I got a second job, started fundraising, and then headed to Uganda for 3 weeks that summer.



I wanted to study abroad. It was too expensive. I kept researching and found a program that was the same price as my semester at college.



After college, it was trickier. No organized trips, but my desire to travel was only growing stronger. So many times people would say, “Let’s do this next year…” But things would never happen. 

Then, I reconnected with one of my oldest friends after a break up and travel besties were born. She’s always ready for the next trip. It’s given me the confidence to make plans and stick to them! I am constantly researching to find good deals, thinking about what’s next, planning, and asking people if they want in.



I say all this to let you know, I don’t simply plan a trip and go. I spend a lot of time picking where to go strategically, looking for great deals, and getting things done (like taking extra babysitting shifts) so I can go places. Traveling is a big commitment time and money wise – even when you find a good deal, but once you go,  you are hooked.


I’m an avid traveler now. Last year I went to…

  • 3 countries
  • 17 cities


  • 10 round trip flights
  • 7 weekend trips

The memories I made were priceless. Can’t wait to share them all with you on the blog! Hopefully, some of my trips will inspire you to budget, not spend a lot, and still go everywhere you have imagined.


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