Essential Travel Items for Every Type of Trip

Having good travel gear can mean you feel more prepared, comfortable, and relaxed on your trip. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Investing in your travel items can really help.

As someone who is always traveling, there are also certain things I love bringing along with me on my travels that are essential travel items for me.

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City Gear

Worn in Durham, North Carolina

Slip-on Shoes

I bought these shoes (the ones linked are similar available in many colors) when I realized last winter I didn’t have any shoes to walk around in besides boots. I needed good walking shoes for the city! These shoes are the perfect walk around the city or hang out at your hotel kind of shoes. They look super cute and are also the perfect shoe for going through security since you can easily slip them on and off.

Fuzzy Socks

Speaking of walking around… I love having fuzzy socks at home to walk around in. The same goes for when I am traveling! Slippers take up too much space, but fuzzy socks are just as comfy and will take up way less space in your bag.

Pictured at Union Market in Washington, DC

Cross Body Bag

I love this bag. I am one of the people you will meet who believes in spending a little more on a bag because it will last you forever if you invest a little! This bag has been with me for 4 years now and I’ve used it all over. It holds so much stuff without looking overstuffed or too large. It also has multiple compartments that help with security without going over the top.

Bifold Wallet

This is another item I absolutely adore. It’s been with me for about 4 years and holds a lot in it. I use it at home and while I travel as I can carry all my cash and cards in it. It fits easily into any purse and has different compartments to keep you organized.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Columbia Rain Jacket

This jacket is always going on sale and is always really helpful on trips. I have found having a rain jacket when traveling is way easier than trying to carry an umbrella and highly recommend it! I wore mine all around Victoria Falls while in Zambia and it was great.

MVMT Sunglasses

I just got these sunglasses this past month and I am loving them! They seem really durable and the polarized lenses I got make seeing in super bright weather even better. They are perfect for the beaches in Panama and the slopes in Breckenridge (my next two trips!). You can use the code MEGHANELISE15 for 15% off.

PS Their watches are pretty cute too!

Outdoorsy Gear

Hydro Flask

I love my Hydro Flask! It really does keep things cold or hot all day long. It’s a great thing to take with you especially if you’re going to spend time outdoors.

Page, AZ

Merrell Hiking Boots

I got my Merrell hiking boots for Christmas last year just in time to use them on my trip to Arizona. I researched several brands and found that Merrell was affordable, durable, and had a variety of styles. I recommend low-rise hiking boots unless you plan on doing more intense treks because they tend to fit more comfortably and still offer lots of support.

Jacket warn at Grand Canyon

Marmot Jacket

I bought one of these jackets this past year after realizing how cold it would be in Arizona! I was glad to find it. It’s lightweight, warm enough for 40 degrees and packs into tight spaces. I am linking one similar to mine. It’s been a great addition to my wardrobe.

Citronella Soap

I found this before I went to Peru and I’m so glad I did! Mosquitos love me and I need all the remedies I can get. If you’re in the wilderness this soap can add an extra layer of protection from mosquitos (along with deet mosquito spray). I used it while in the Amazon and it was great!

Packing Gear

Trekking in Peru to Machu Picchu

ExOfficio Vest

I have taken this vest literally all over the word with me! It’s got tons of pockets and I honestly use it instead of a second carry-on. It saved me hundreds of dollars this summer in Europe. It also is great for hiking or backpacking where you don’t want to have to take your bag off to get to important things There are many different options available but their latest designs have RFID -lined pockets that will offer you extra security as well. Highly recommend!

Packing Cubes

These will save you space and keep you organized while traveling! I recommend them to anyone who loves to keep their suitcase looking tidy. They also make a great gift!

Osprey Pack

I love my Osprey pack. I’ve had it for over 12 years and it still has no rips or tears! I’ve taken it to Peru, China, Europe, and backpacking trips all over the US. These packs are really functional and will last you a long time. Completely worth the investment.

Looking for a different type of bag? Try this backpack with wheels.

Santorini, Greece

Foldable Day Bag

This is another item that I’ve taken all over the world with me. It’s super easy to collapse and take out as you need it. It’s lightweight and takes up almost zero space. I’ve used it on day hikes as well as around the city. It saves you space of carrying another bag but gives you the flexibility to carry more around!

Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper

My mom actually got me one of these last Christmas and traveling with it in winter is so handy! It easily (and secretly) holds your most essential travel items, plus it looks really cute! Definitely need an infinity scarf with hidden zipper if you plan to travel in winter.

HappyLux Eco-Friendly Gear

HappyLux sells super soft, eco-friendly travel items like pillows, blankets, coverups, and sleep masks. Everything is SO SOFT! You can use code MegElise for 15% off too!

Photography Gear

Wrap Around Tripod

This tripod is really handy. It’s super easy to carry and makes taking photos in different spots so much easier. It also fits into small spaces as well as easy to carry in a purse instead of a large one.

Sony RX100

This camera has seriously changed the way I am able to take photos on trips. It is compact but gives you all of the same settings and features as a large DSLR besides interchangeable lenses. 20 MP and HD video mean you are guaranteed to have high-quality memories!


I have had a GoPro for three years now and I love it. It’s given me a chance to take awesome videos and pictures in a unique way. I will say that the investment is worth it! It’s one item I never travel without.

Underwater Dome for GoPro

I am really excited to use my new underwater dome for my Panama trip this week. It allows you to take partially underwater photos as well as get wide-angle shots. I have used this so many times and it takes some really beautiful pictures. Colors come out much better with the dome as well.

Make sure you get the correct one for the right compatibility!

Selfie Stick for GoPro

This is another item I’ve used countless times across the world. It came in handy while spending one week in Greece and I loved having it while hiking Havasu Falls. This particular one floats and extends making it a great option for swimming and getting full body shots without awkward angles.

Photo Presets from Travel in Her Shoes

Beautiful photos are one of my favorite ways to share my travels. I’ve had these presets (used in Lightroom cc on mobile) for about 6 months now and they make editing so much fun! Having the mobile version is great, too, because you get to edit right on your phone and upload to your favorite site for sharing. I have the world tour pack!

Get prepared for your next trip with essential travel items. Find out which gear can make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.
Get prepared for your next trip with essential travel items. Find out which gear can make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.

So there you have my favorite essential travel items. Each one has helped me make my trips more enjoyable and are items that I own and would recommend to anyone. Hoping they will help you on your trips too!


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