15 Most Romantic Things to Do in Lisbon for Couples

Looking to plan a romantic European getaway? Consider Lisbon, Portugal! With its captivating blend of historic charm, vibrant culture, and a dash of seaside allure, Lisbon sets the stage for a perfect romantic escape. Explore cobblestone streets hand in hand, savor delectable local cuisine, and take in the enchanting sights as a couple. 

Here are 15 romantic things to do in Lisbon for couples that should put this destination at the top of your destination’s wish list.

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Plan a Couples’ Photo Shoot

Capture memories of your romantic trip to Lisbon with a photo shoot. Of course, this could be a professional shoot where you hire a local photographer. Or, you could have fun taking photos of each other against countless backdrops across the city.

Not sure where to take your photos? A couple of options include the iconic Pink Street or the gorgeous facade of the Viúva Lamego Tile Factory. Don’t forget to capture shots in Lisbon’s main square, Praça do Comércio, where you can also take waterfront photographs. 

Taking the time to photograph each other enjoying this new city intentionally can be a wonderful experience for couples seeking to connect in new ways. 

Tour Options:

Enjoy a Fado Show Together 

Sway with Lisbon’s hauntingly beautiful blues music at a Fado show together. Fado translates into fate and is the traditional Portuguese music show you can admire at various venues across the country. 

One of the best places to take in a traditional Fado show in Lisbon is at Tasca do Chico. This is an intimate venue, despite being located in a busier part of town, featuring authentic Fado shows. Be prepared, as you may have to wait more than an hour to gain entry in high season. However, many who have been saying the wait is well worth it. 

As you take in the show, enjoy some drinks and food that is simply yet delicious all the same. 


Take an Enchanting Day Trip to Sintra

A quick train ride from Rossio Station in Lisbon whisks you to a fairytale landscape of castles and lush greenery in Sintra. Or, book a private tour to Sintra from Lisbon for the day so someone else can do all the planning and you can simply enjoy time together.

Explore the charming Sintra old town, featuring narrow streets lined with cafes and artisan shops. 

The highlight of Sintra is Pena Palace, a whimsical masterpiece set atop a hill. As you ascend, consider panoramic views (preferably in a car or bus rather than on foot!).

Next, discover Quinta da Regaleira’s magic, complete with hidden tunnels. Feel like explorers together as you navigate the beautiful grounds of this gem. 

A visit to Sintra is simply a must on any trip to Lisbon, especially for those craving romantic charm. To make it even better, be sure to make a stop at Cabo da Roca on your way back to Lisbon. There, at the westernmost point of continental Europe, you’ll see incredible sunset views seemingly at the edge of the earth.

Other Tour Options:

Wander Along Parque das Ancoes

You could easily spend a morning or afternoon exploring Parque das Ancoes in Lisbon. As you walk through the park, you’ll find many interesting art installations and sculptures to admire. Often, events, concerts, or festivals take place here as well. 

Vasco da Gama mall is also located here for couples looking to do some shopping. But one thing to do for sure is take a waterfront walk along what is known as Caminho da Costa. This riverside walk along the Tagus is picturesque and serene, a perfect setting for enjoying each others’ company.

Indulge in a Romantic Dinner Across the Tagus

There are plenty of great, date-night worthy restaurants in Lisbon to choose from. But if you’re looking for something truly unique for a couple’s night out, look to Cacilhas. Located a short ferry ride, across the Tagus, Cacilhas is known for its seafood scene. 

Take a ferry ride over and dine at Ponto Final, which is also featured on Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil! Enjoy seafood, amazing views out over the water, and the welcoming company of your beau.

Set Sail on a Sunset Cruise

Get off the land and onto the water for a romantic sunset sail along the longest river in the Iberian peninsula – the Tagus. 

From here, you’ll get a lovely new perspective of the breathtaking views of historic landmarks such as Belém Tower and the Christ the King statue, bathed in the soft hues of the evening sun. Watch as the city lights of Lisbon blink on for the evening. 

There are options to choose any style when it comes to river cruises in Lisbon. Whether you choose a private yacht or join a small group sailboat tour, the experience of sailing into the sunset with your loved one is sure to create a lasting memory. Toast to the beauty of the moment, snap some pictures, and revel in the magic of Lisbon’s coastal charm.

Tip: Book your sunset cruise in advance, especially if traveling during peak seasons. To enhance the experience, consider opting for a tour that includes light snacks and drinks.


Grab Drinks at a Rooftop Bar 

For pre-dinner drinks, go to one of Lisbon’s rooftop bars. You might not expect to find atop a parking garage, but that’s what you’ll get at Park Rooftop. 

Go early to get seats with the best views and order the sangria. If you’re in a rush, this might not be your best option, but if you’ve got leisurely time to spend with your love, it’s a great place for a sunset drink before dinner. 

If you’re seeking an elegant environment for pre- or even post-dinner drinks, head to Sky Bar, located atop Tivoli Hotel.

Picnic in Parque Eduardo VII

What’s more romantic than a couple’s picnic in a pretty park? Parque Eduardo VII is located north of Lisbon’s high-end shopping street, Avenida da Liberdade. It’s a sprawling green space that offers a picturesque reprieve from the city’s more touristic areas. 

Spend some time meandering through the short bush maze in the center of the park. Climb up the sloped grasses for panoramic views over Lisbon. On your way to the park, stop at a cafe or grocery store to pick up some picnic treats. Otherwise, the park also has cafes available so that you can pick up snacks there. 

Another convenience is that the park also has public restrooms available. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path with your love for a quieter afternoon, this is the perfect setting. 

Cozy Up at a Cocktail Bar

If wine isn’t your taste, or you decide to mix it up, seek out one of Lisbon’s trendy cocktail bars. Cozy up at Bacchanal, Red Frog, or Monkey Mash, to name a few. Lisbon often has a place on the global 50 best bars list released each year, so consult the list before your visit to find more great options. 

Go Wine Tasting in Alfama

The Alfama district is the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, and it’s a must to stroll through its narrow streets. Here, you’ll find historic charm, winding streets, incredible viewpoints, and many opportunities to indulge in Portuguese wines. 

That’s right, Alfama offers some of the city’s best wine bars and restaurants, so you can stop for self-guided tastings as you explore this small old town. And in Lisbon, you can start as early as lunchtime!

Check out Memmo Alfama Wine Bar & Terrace for great views and traditional decor. For a more modern ambiance, make your way to The Corkscrew Wine Bar, where you can taste national wines alongside national dishes like bacalhau

For a taste of port wine without heading to Porto, visit Porto Alfama instead. You can spend a leisurely afternoon with your love, enjoying glass after glass of wine in lovely little Alfama.


Ride the Charming Tram 28

There’s a reason Tram 28 is so popular with tourists, and it goes beyond its charming vintage look. Tram 28 follows a route that offers the perfect way to see the major areas around Lisbon. For this reason, many hop on at the start of the route and stay on for the duration. 

All that to say, you won’t find much alone time on Tram 28. However, it is undoubtedly a highlight of Lisbon worth enjoying together. Consider rising early to beat some of the crowds, and enjoy a scenic tram ride to start your day.

Catch a Show at Teatro São Carlos

Get all dolled up and head to the classic old opera house, Teatro São Carlos, for an evening show. It’s opulent, beautiful, and somehow cozy and intimate. Visiting here makes a fantastic date night for anyone interested in theater, classical music, or simply stepping back in time with marvelous architecture.

Learn Something New at a Cooking Class

Spice up your Lisbon vacation by learning something new together at a Portuguese cooking class. You can book private options or small group ones if you’re interested in meeting fellow travelers. 

Spend a few hours learning cooking techniques and tips from a local before sharing a home-cooked meal together. Even better? You can recreate the dishes once you’re back home together.



Take in the View from a Miradouros 

As such a hilly city, it’s no surprise that Lisbon offers several spectacular viewpoints. It’s not uncommon for people to flock to these viewpoints, or miradouros, at sunset for sprawling views under the setting sun. 

Some to add to your plans are:

  • Miradouro das Portas do Sol
  • Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte
  • Miradoura da Graca.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Indulge in a day of relaxation by taking a couples’ spa day while in Lisbon. From couples’ massages to body scrubs to heated pools and saunas, there’s plenty on offer at the city’s spas. 

Consider booking treatments at one of the best spas in Lisbon – Anantara Spa Lisboa. This spa is housed in the luxurious Tivoli Hotel on Avenida Liberdade. Another great option is BSpa by Karin Herzog, which also offers a rooftop pool with stunning views over the Tagus. The RitzSpa at the Four Seasons is yet another fantastic option for a luxurious day of being pampered alongside your love.

Unwinding together with a massage or another full body treatment at a spa is absolutely one of the most romantic things to do in Lisbon for couples.

FAQ: Romantic Things to do in Lisbon

As you explore Lisbon as a potential romantic destination, you might be wondering:

Is Lisbon good for couples?

Yes, Lisbon is an excellent destination for couples to enjoy together. There is plenty to do and see, a charming ambiance across the city, and many romantic activities to choose from. Whether, as a couple, you’re into sightseeing, foodie experiences, music, and theater, or indulgent spa days, you’re sure to find something to nurture the spark between you while visiting Lisbon.

What is the most romantic area of Lisbon?

With its winding streets, colorful houses, Fado bars, and breathtaking viewpoints, Alfama is the most romantic area of Lisbon. This small old town is both historically significant and overflowing with charm, making it a beautiful setting for your European love story. 

Discover the top romantic things to do in Lisbon: indulge in local cuisine, explore the city's enchanting sights, and capture memories with a romantic photo shoot.
Discover the top romantic things to do in Lisbon: indulge in local cuisine, explore the city's enchanting sights, and capture memories with a romantic photo shoot.

If you’re eyeing Lisbon for a romantic escape, you’re onto something good. This city, with its mix of historic charm and coastal allure, sets the scene for a memorable time with your better half. Think cobbled streets, sunset cruises, and evenings in cozy wine bars. With so much to see and do, it’s unlikely you’ll run into any dull moments here. Lisbon is a great European destination for couples seeking romance.

About the author: Nausheen Farishta is a travel blogger, content creator, and author. She shares her travel tips and guides on her website, Globe Gazers. 


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