What to Do in Mykonos in the Rain

What do people do in the Greek party capital, Mykonos, when it’s raining? Well, I found out during my last trip!

We were determined not to let the rain ruin our two days in Mykonos, and while we didn’t get to do much, there are definitely things to do when it rains in Mykonos! So then we asked locals what people do when it’s rainy and cold in Mykonos, they said they stay home. We knew this wasn’t going to be our fate because we wanted to explore during our limited time. Here are the things I suggest doing in Mykonos when it rains.



1. Rent a Car and Take a Drive

There are spots outside of your hotel to explore in Mykonos. A car was only 30 Euros for a day, and we easily used it to get around as it was raining. There are very few cabs in Mykonos, so getting around can be difficult.

While beaches and views aren’t as nice in the rain, a car gives you cover and let’s you still see different parts of the island while it’s a rainy day. Bring your umbrella and see some of the sites around the island!

Above, my friend and I are on Paradise Beach, very different from a sunny day, but still beautiful!



2. Visit a museum

Surprisingly, Mykonos has a lot of museums. We made a huge mistake and looked at times online (they were wrong…). Call ahead and check times with the museum before going! There are several museums in Mykonos that you can visit. Check them out below:

  1. Delos Archaeological Museum
  2. Archaeological Museum
  3. Maritime Museum
  4. House of Lena
  5. Agricultural Museum
  6. Maritime Museum
  7. Folklore Museum

3. Eat lots of good food

Seriously, there is a lot of good food here. I crave the salad I had in Little Venice at least weekly. So wish it was here in the US! We found the food and drinks to be more pricey in Mykonos than other places, but you can still easily eat every meal for under $15. We ate A LOT while we were there, and I highly recommend any little shop that looks full.



4. Shop, shop, shop!

There are so many good stores in Old Town Mykonos. We got most of our souvenirs here, but they weren’t your typical souvenirs. We got awesome hand made soaps, hand made jewelry, yummy olive oil, and other local goods. So many shops we went into were owned by local artists and we had a blast speaking with different shop owners about life on Mykonos.



5. Walk the streets.

Need I say more? The colors seemed to pop even more with cloudy skies, and we got lost on the little streets many times in Mykonos Town.

Much of Mykonos Town is fairly covered and with an umbrella or poncho, walking around is possible!


6. Go to a spa.

There are some awesome spas in Mykonos. They are a bit pricey but can be worth it. Call early because, on rainy days, spots fill up fast!


7. Take a cooking class

I talked earlier about eating good food, but why not learn to make the food yourself? There are lots of options for cooking classes in Mykonos. Take one with friends or meet other travelers in a small group class. The perfect way to spend a rainy day in Mykonos!


8. Get Drinks

Even when it’s raining, drinking and partying are always going on in Mykonos. Join in on the fun and find a spot to drink. There are breweries, wineries, and clubs open – even on a rainy day! Some indoor options are below:

  1. Mykonos Brewing Company
  2. Ecologicaly Vineyard
  3. Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm
  4. Winery Tasting Tour
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Is it worth it to fly with budget airlines? Consider these factors before booking your next flight. Save money but weigh the pros and cons.

These are the things we could find to do. Don’t lose out on Mykonos just because of the rain. Make the most of your trip and try one of these easy things to do in Mykonos in the rain. If you’re lucky enough to visit Mykonos when it’s sunny, check out this Mykonos guide!


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